Staurogyne sp. "Rio Cristalino" = Staurogyne repens

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В журнале Aqua Planta статья об этом растении, определено как Staurogyne repens.

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Staurogyne sp. ‘Low Grow’ bloom.

I have been growing Staurogyne sp ‘ Low Grow’ for about 8 months in my emersed Cryptocoryne set-up. I have two more Staurogyne species (Staurogyne sp ‘Porto Velho’ & Staurogyne stolonifera ) growing along with this one under similar conditions and this one proves to be one of the slowest growing one for me. When I received a couple of stems initially they were grown submerged. It took a while for them to acclimatize to emersed culture. Finally Staurogyne sp ‘ Low Grow’ decided to flower yesterday. I think a recent increase in photo-period on my emersed set-up could have triggered the bloom.

Staurogyne sp ‘Low Grow’ grow very slowly in emersed culture even under good light. An interesting thing I observed with this species is its rate of growth does not change much even after moving it to a shaded location from a well light location. It grows about an inch every month in my experience under both high and low light conditions.

И человек, у которого выпросил это растение, тоже сказал, что растёт медлено.