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Один из трех самых популярных американских журналов по аквариумистике, издатель BowTie Inc (это же

издательство издает другой аквариумный журнал Aquarium Fish International).

Домашняя страница http://www.fishchannel.com

Издается с 1978 года. С 2007 года кроме традиционной бумажной существует также электронная версия (подписки нет, но можно приобрести по отдельности старые номера).

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Страниц: 148

№03, 2009 Скачать (25.26Mb)
Marvelous Mandarins. (By Scott W. Michael)
Make Room for a Reef. (By David Lass)
What’s in Your Fish Cabinet? (By Mark A. Mitchell, D.V.M., Ph.D.)
Spawn Your First Egg Layer (By Anthony C. Terceira)
Catfish at a Crossroads (By David Sands, Ph.D.)

№02, 2009
Скачать (30.57Mb)
Cichlids of Madagascar(By Alex Saunders)
Treating Your Sick Fish(By Mark Mitchell, D.V.M., M.S., Ph.D.)
Marine Predator and Prey Interactions(By Jean-Francois Hamel and Annie Mercier)
Operation Bamboo Shark(By Jeff Rabin, Ph.D.)
FOWLR Aquariums(By Adam Blundell, M.S.)

№01, 2009
Скачать (23.7Mb)
Enter the Dragon(By Mark A. Mitchell, D.V.M., M.S., Ph.D.)
Six Marine Fish Challenges(By Steven Bitter)
Nano Tank Explosion(By David Lass)
Take in a Fish Show in 2009(By Clay Jackson)
FAMA 2008 Article Index

№12, 2008
Скачать (28.6Mb)
A Better Class of Fish Photo (By Edward Greenberg)
Go Hog Wild (By Bob Fenner)
Different Fish, Different Prey (By Adam Blundell, M.S.)
Order in the Tank (By Bob Fenner)
Saving the Deep (By Suzanne Garrett)

№11, 2008
Скачать (24.9Mb)
Yellow Labridens Cichlids (By Juan Miguel Artigas Azas)
Spiking Up Your Aquarium (By Jean-Francois Hamel and Annie Mercier)
Top 5 Easy-to-Keep Corals (By Adam Blundell, M.S.)
Finicky Feeders (By Tim Hayes)
Eel Essentials (By Bob Goemans)

№10, 2008
Скачать (27.8Mb)
Coral Reefs, Climate Change and Ocean Acidification (By Britt-Anne A. Parker and C. Mark Eakin,
NOAA Coral Reef Watch

Catfish Reproduction Biology (By Michael Hardman)
Underwater Raptors (By Scott W. Michael)
Go Wild, Collecting Fish (By By Robert Rice)

№9, 2008
Скачать (25Mb)
Throwing Coral a Life Preserver(By Andrew Bruckner, NOAA Fisheries)
ABC’s of Fish Nutrition (By Michael Hardman)
Cornerstone Cardinals (By Steven C. Bulinski)
Ready, Aim — Fire! (By Stephen Noble)
Lake Abert Brine Shrimp (By Robert Scott McKinnon[/b])

№8, 2008
Скачать (26Mb)
What is Reef Safe? (By Jeremy Gosnell
Cyanide Fishing Makes a Comeback (By Andy Bruckner
Cycling Your Tank (By David Lass
Figure 8 Puffers (By Jeni Tyrell
Soft Coral Spawning (By Tim Hayes

№7, 2008
Скачать (25Mb)
Corals in the Red (By Corinne Knutson)
The Personality Fish (By Tony Silva)
Designing a Dream (By Alan Dziejma)
Pooling Your Resources (By Steven Bitter)
Backyard Coral Farmer (By Ethan Mizer)

№6, 2008
Скачать (26Mb)
Coral Revival (By Wendy Wood)
Diving for Candy Bass (By Forrest A. Young)
Take the Coldwater Plunge (By Adam Blundell, M.S.)
Venomous Catfish (By David Sands, Ph.D.)
Elephantnoses and Their Relatives (By Robert Fenner)

№5, 2008
Скачать (29Mb)
2008 International Year of the Reef (By Mary Luna)
LEDs and the Reef (By Patrick Ormiston)
Catalina Goby (By Robert Fenner)
An Appealing Stranger (By Steven Bitter)
Foam Aquascaping (By Bob Goemans)

№4, 2008
Скачать (20Mb)
Ichthyological Frontier: The Amazon (By Philip Willink, Ph.D.)
Caving In (By Vince Brach, Ph.D.)
Fantastic Fairies (By Scott W. Michael)
Coral Breeding at an Omaha Zoo (By Stephen G. Noble)

№3, 2008
Скачать (23Mb)
Invert Your Tank (By Jeffrey C. Howe)
Potter’s Angelfish (By Robert Fenner)
Dwarf Angel Hybrid Found (By William Crook)
Science in a Tank (By Jonathan Fung)
Nudibranchs and Their Relatives (By Jean-Francois Hamel and Annie Mercier)
Treating Marine Ich (By Bob Goemans and Lance Ichinotsubo)

№2, 2008
Скачать (24Mb)
Project DIBS (By Brian J. Plankis)
Enter the 55-gallon Zone (By Jeff Rabin, Ph.D.)
Clean Tank With Cleaner Gobies (By Bob Fenner)
Fighting Phosphate (By Andy Ternay)
Keep a Little Cory (By Michael Hardman)

№1, 2008
Скачать (22Mb)
Thorichthys meeki (By Juan Miguel Artigas Azas)
Clownfish Breeding Mastery (By Jeremy Gosnell)
Going Dutch (By Robert Paul Hudson)
Cichlids in the Closet (By Lynn Perry)
Refugia of Mercy (By Bob Goemans)
FAMA 2007 Article Index
2007 MACNA Convention (By Clay Jackson )

№6, 2007
Скачать (27Mb)
Brittle Stars (By Bob Fenner)
Natural Reef Filtration (By Adam Blundell, M.S.)
Breeding North American Crayfish (By Jerry G. Walls)
Going Brackish (By Stephen G. Noble)
Behold the Bumblebee (By Dr. David Sands)
Food Training Techniques (By Steven C. Bulinski)

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